The company possesses highly qualified and experienced professionals from various industries. We follow the most stringent standards of production to ensure the quality of product at highly skilled and dedicated pharmaceutical and technical professionals from floor level to marketing executives.This forms the backbone of Santiago Life Sciences.

Quality Assurance


Being a healthcare company, quality is the central focus in all our manufacturing processes. The quality policy of Santiago Life Sciences Limited is to prevent, mitigate and cure the human illness with quality pharmaceutical products which are efficient, affordable and of high quality. We ensure compliance with WHO Good Manufacturing practices and the procurement of raw material from reputed suppliers of national level as well as international level.

Quality is a fundamental value that we have instilled in all our employees to reinforce our commitment to our customers. Our products pass through stringent tests backed by quality systems that ensure compliance with international standard.

We assure the precision of all the products we offer. We concentrate on zero - defect products with exceptional quality built in form the very start. We strive to perfect our products at every level of the process. The reason that supports our global recognition is adherence to qualitative production without any minor tampering.


  • We are committed to delivering high quality products and services.

  • We encourage skill development through learning, leadership and mentoring.

  • We employ motivated and committed people.

  • We measure performance and strive for continual improvement, seeking better ways to do business.

  • We select products and business partners that conform to the highest international standards.

  • We recognize and reward high standards of performance.

  • We manufacture all our products at ISO 9001:2000 and WHO GMP certified factories only.

Life is Precious, We care for the essence of Life !